Monday, July 2, 2012

Subway Readers

Have you ever heard of the Underground  New York Public Library? It's the solo project of Ourit Ben-Haim, who photographs readers taking the NYC subways. I find it fascinating!  This post made me dearly happy:

"He saw me after I took the shot so I approached him to tell him what I was doing. I told him how, you know, I had a library full of pictures of people reading in the subways. He stared at my nose for a few seconds. Then, he changed the subject. “Are you a Christian?”, he asked me. I hesitated and responded with some dread, “No...not really...”. I didn’t mind the way he proceeded though. “I LOVE being a Christian”, he said. “It keeps me strong!”. “It gives me PEACE in my heart!”. “It makes me happy!”. His train came in and he jumped on with his arms still outstretched in his enthusiasm."

Check out the rest of the project here. I also love the "About" page.

What do you think about books in public places, readers? Anti-social, or charming?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Off again

Well, friends, this is it. I'm taking off tomorrow and landing somewhere that I have never been before. It's been such a crazy long day, but it ended with family and ice cream and laughter- a good omen for an impending adventure.I hope to be able to access this blog where I am but in case I can't, I'll see you in July.*

*check back just in case!
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Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I now interrupt this stream of bookish posts to update you on Life. Lately, mine has been incredibly busy. I've been packing, editing my book, getting schoolwork done, hitting deadlines, shopping for my upcoming trip. Among these things there is little time to do necessary things like sleep and eat, and I'm just like:
Hopefully, I'll catch up on the plane.

On another topic, my report back on the Hunger Games:
I thought the directors did a phenomenal job on the casting, but I found the movie disturbingly violent. There was a lengthy discussion afterwards; some friends thought the movie was sensitized compared to the book, but my sister and I found it to be much more graphic than what we pictured. I guess your enjoyment of the movie depends on your imagination.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Books or Movies?

Tonight I'm heading out to the pre-screening of Hunger Games! I've been waiting forever- namely 8 months- and I'm anticipating a movie that does the book justice.
I tend to prefer the book version over the movie version in general (big surprise, right?) but every now and then I enjoy the movie more. What about you?

On a side-note, I'm going to be moving soon.
It's only for three months, but I'm still going to claim that word for myself.
Readers, I'm moving.
I like that word.
I like that it ends in 'ing' as if it's a present participle. As if it's a perpetual action.
I like perpetual action.
I will be traveling with my dad, and he'll be leaving alone. So will I, three months later. I'm trepidatious and excited and impatient to get moving.
Moving. I like that word. It's pretty darn adventurous.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Resurrection Weekend

Hope you all have an incredible Easter this weekend.

May your soul be at rest with the reminder that the power of death was overcome with the power of Christ. He is risen indeed!