Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bucket List: Get involved in a book club

So what are you up to today? I'm off school this week (Woohoo!) and I've been reading and writing my brains out. I've also been putting together a playlist for when I'm locked up in Walden. In my world, music plus writing equals beautiful art. More about that later...

Anyway, I'm also dreaming today. Dreaming of being apart of a reading/writing club. A few months ago I found an ad for a writer's club that happened in Johannesburg every two weeks. I called the number that was provided and the phone was picked up by an insurance broker. I stuttered "Oh... I'm sorry. I must have called the wrong number." After we hung up, I tried the number again. Very carefully. But it was picked up by the same man! I read the number to him and asked if there was someone there who ran a writer's club. I gave him the name of the lady who supposedly ran the club. There was a pause... and then the man said "Well, she used to live here until she died in 2005. Her house was sold to this company." Bummer!

Anyway, today while surfing the net, I ran across this book club that happens in Paris every week.

Isn't it darling?

This is my favorite quote from the site:“We’re trying to go against the demise of the printing press,” says Rosa. “We believe in real paper: touchable, holdable, foldable.” Ha. My thoughts exactly.

More photos and the whole story here
Two things: Have a good week. And I'm moving to Paris.

Bon voyage!


  1. Kendra05:10

    Hey Dani! Great blog you've got going here. I'm going to Paris...every night in my dreams :)

  2. I was going through your blog when I came across this post and the big large words 1 commentS. In order to let the word make sense again, I will post a comment so now it can be 2 comments and life is back to normal :)

  3. Ha! It worked :)