Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Are You a Word Nerd?

Every writer has a hidden nerd inside that secretly rejoices when they hear a rightly-placed word and dies a little when they come across someone who wR!tes lyK di$. I myself am a word nerd. Don't get me wrong, I'm not the snobby kind of person who will correct your grammar (out loud :) ) or use ambiguous words while I'm speaking, and I'm not the best at spelling, but I have a fetish for words. Some girls collect shoes or sunglasses, this girl collects words ;)
This is why I've been obsessed lately with a new website called Word Dynamo. It's a branch of the website (you know, the one that makes English homework much easier) and it's one of the best things I've found. You sign up and choose your grade. The site then takes you to the beginning level of that grade and you have to take vocabulary quizzes to unlock the next levels. As you play, your vocabulary grows and a whole lot of fun words are added to your list. You can choose categories like Latin Roots, obscure words, and lingo for different situations. There are also different quizzes on topics and subjects like Art, Science, Math, and a few languages. I love this nerdy site, two thumbs up.

What about you? Are you a word nerd?


  1. Tienx00:46

    Does being subscribed to's word of the day qualify me as a word nerd? I love reading about where those (mostly) interesting words come from, but to be honest, I usually forget them soon after and never end up using them anyway.

    Thanks for the link to Word Dynamo - I'll definitely be checking that out!

  2. Tienx- It does a little! haha. Isn't it fun to learn the history of words? Tell me what you think of Word Dynamo!

  3. Tienx05:05

    Dani: I really like word dynamo! I made a list of definitions for my Cambridge physics and played some of the games with it - a useful way to learn them(and a good excuse to play around :-)).

  4. my friends secretly call me a grammar nazi because of how I can't stand looking at misplaced words! there's something satisfying about well-structured sentences...