Monday, July 2, 2012

Subway Readers

Have you ever heard of the Underground  New York Public Library? It's the solo project of Ourit Ben-Haim, who photographs readers taking the NYC subways. I find it fascinating!  This post made me dearly happy:

"He saw me after I took the shot so I approached him to tell him what I was doing. I told him how, you know, I had a library full of pictures of people reading in the subways. He stared at my nose for a few seconds. Then, he changed the subject. “Are you a Christian?”, he asked me. I hesitated and responded with some dread, “No...not really...”. I didn’t mind the way he proceeded though. “I LOVE being a Christian”, he said. “It keeps me strong!”. “It gives me PEACE in my heart!”. “It makes me happy!”. His train came in and he jumped on with his arms still outstretched in his enthusiasm."

Check out the rest of the project here. I also love the "About" page.

What do you think about books in public places, readers? Anti-social, or charming?


  1. wow that's really cool. I went right to Ourit's website and found myself scrolling down for quite a few pages. I'm not one to read much in public myself, so I guess I never really thought much of it when I saw it... except for that one time when the the man in the vehicle behind me was reading at a red light, that I found interesting hehe

    Anyways, nice to have you back Dani!

  2. Hey Dani, great to see you back in the blogosphere :). Reading in public always makes me think of Belle in Beauty and the Beast - I love doing it (unfortunately, in my case it usually results in unsocial-ness...)

  3. Hey Dani ;)
    it's Lauren, from Lynnwood Baptist. sorry I didn't have your number,I just want to ask you a quick question.The book you told me about that is like "Mara Daughter of the Nile" what is it's name? thanks!! :)X

  4. Hey Laur,
    Haven't checked back here for a while, so not sure when you posted this. Hm, can't remember what book I suggested- it may have been either Little Women or Goose Girl. Do either of those ring a bell?
    Sorry for the late reply. Happy reading!!

  5. thanks Dani, maybe it was the goose girl- I'll check it out ;) have a great Christmas!!