Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Novel update

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Hey fellow-writers! Ok, so I've been working on my novel for a little over a year now and it's one of the hardest things I've ever done! Initially I thought "Ok, this is just like writing a really long short story." I am now thinking something completely different. It's not at all like writing a short story. When writing novels, you don't just create characters, you create people which is so hard to do! I've been driving myself crazy trying to visualize my characters and how they'd react to different suituations. I wouldn't say that I've got the hang of it, but I'm farther than I was when I started. Also, I wrote out my basic outline for my novel, but I keep on coming across these gaps like "what's the motivation for her to do this?" and "how do you get them from here to there?" Things like that. It's frustrating, but I'm having a wonderful time figuring out my art. The motivation is definitely the hardest part for me. I have this nifty print hanging up in Walden and it gives me a boost of energy every time I look at it! Have a great Wednesday!

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  1. Well, I am not a fellow writer, but I dare say I may comment! :) I am so excited about your book! I guess often when I read books I don't give much thought to the whole creation of the book. I kind of think of them as nice stories with great plots and yada yada but reading this made me think much more about the incredible creativity and also intellect required when writing a book! We are reading Jane Eyre in school and while I love/hate the plot, I wish I could read like my english teacher Mr. Ricci reads. He reads with such insight not only into the story but also into the mind of the author. While I do not think we could ever understand what was going through an authors mind when he/she writes a book it is amazing to ponder it because stuff does go on in the authors mind! Keep up the good work with the book! I look forward to the day when Mr. Ricci has to wrap his mind about your wonderful creations! :)