Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wise words

Truth if I've ever heard it:
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Moral of the story: Don't give up. The beginning is always the hardest.

What are you doing this weekend? I'm going on a youth camp and I'm SO excited!


  1. I'm studying microbiology this weekend...

    I'm not going on a youth camp, because I'm too old. :-(

    You must have a BLAST though!!! Awesome camp!

  2. How encouraging! And I'm mentally and physically preparing for school. Have a great time at camp!

  3. I'm working, having a driving lesson AND finishing a 2500 word report while thinking about this being my first year in 5 that I'm not going to sed youth camp. Don't worry about *sniff* me I'm having a *sniff* blast...
    Take tons of pics Dan! :)

  4. Renate- we missed you! Hope your studying was kind to you :)

    Matthew- I had an amazing time! Not at all envious of you having to prepare for school :)Hope it went well.

    Chey- At least you're keeping busy :) We'll organize PCamp for the next time you're around ;)