Friday, September 16, 2011

National Victim's Rights Week

Alright, so I'm a day late in this, but I wanted to share this with you:
National Victim's Rights Week

"According to the South African National Calendar, September 15 through September 19 (Thursday through Monday) is “Victim's Rights Week.” I'm unsure how much media attention this will attract, but this is a great time to bring attention to the silent and forgotten VICTIMS of abortion, as well as the RIGHT TO LIFE that is denied to this group of human beings.

With this in mind, you are invited to participate in a “Victim's Rights Week Social Media Campaign” during this time. Social media, although not the only avenue for raising awareness about abortion, is a strategic one due to the large number of people active on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, MySpace, etc." - National Victim's Rights Social Media Campaign, hosted by Abort97

The link for the event page is
and I encourage you all to participate. I've already seen the effects that it's had on people's pages, friends commenting on the abortion pictures and thoughtful updates. Even if you are not in South Africa, please feel free to join.

Stand up for life.
ABORT97. Expose it. End it.

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