Saturday, September 10, 2011

You have fixed all the boundaries of the earth; you have made summer and winter.

I am honored to present to you the South African summer of 2011. She is beautiful this year, isn't she, ladies and gentlemen?

(photo from my favorite tree in my front yard that is blossoming.)
I'm so glad it's warming up! I love waking up to the early-morning heat and planning my days that seem to be extended by the sunshine. It makes the world a happier place and it's the first time all year that I've been able to feel my toes! Summer is my favorite season, the season for swimming, water fights, sun-streaked hair and a few other things. Here's a few of my summer faves:
The incessant sunshine.
Sunshine spills itself everywhere, and it's the kind that I really don't mind cleaning up.
Summer music
I have a few more chances to put together the perfect playlist that will forever remind me of Summer 2011. Beach Boys, Mumford & Sons, Owl City, and Jon Foreman? Don't mind if I do...
Summer reading lists
More sunshine equals more reading time, right?

(click any of the above photos to enlarge)
What are you doing this summer? What's on your summer playlist right now?


  1. Anonymous03:02

    Whoop, whoop! 'Bout time summer got here! (Insert happy virtual dance here...)

    Summer playlist? Now that's an interesting idea!

  2. Unfortunately for me summer is coming to a close, and fall is on it's way. Not to say fall is bad, but fall always means winter is next. Anyhow summer playlist... I listened to a massive amount of FM Static, Owl City, and some fun dance music :)

    I really like those pictures your taking; your a great photographer!

  3. Tienx10:09

    Yep, summer certainly is a great time of year! Don't you just love the colourful blossoms everywhere? And the light green of spring is so pretty. No more using chilliness as an excuse to stay in bed a little longer...
    By the way, Dani, love your blog!

  4. Renate- Yay! You should definitely put it on your summer to-do list :)

    Matthew- Fall is also a beautiful season, though I'm not so keen on winter :) Sounds like a good mix! Are you going to ever do a playlist post on your blog? That would be interesting. Thank you!

    Tienx- so glad you made it to my blog. You are such a poet, my friend :) You put it perfectly. More early mornings on their way! Thank you!

  5. Dan, makes me miss home :) Beautiful photos you're really talented.

  6. Hey, I saw this 30 day book challenge and thought you might be interested...

  7. Chey- :( Sorry for making you miss it! Hope Australia is also beautiful :) Thank you!

    Renate- Wow, I'm quite enamored with the idea. I'd love to do that after exams are over! Thanks for the link

  8. I playlist post sounds very interesting :) After I read your idea I actually added a little music player to my blog. It's quite the nifty little tool. All I do is put my favorite music onto a playlist and this website called grooveshark can turn it into something I can put on my blog! I love it haha

  9. Dani! LOVE seeing these photos of home!! I know exactly where each one was taken! Send them to me, pls? :)