Friday, February 17, 2012

Music for Late Night Editing

I'm not at all musical, but I'm a music lover. I credit this to my dad. Never will I forget the day I looked over from the passenger seat and saw him wiping away tears while 'Butterfly Kisses' hummed over the radio.
"Dani, don't you ever get married." He said as he dropped me off at school and looked at me like I was leaving forever.
I was six.
Still, that day stays important with me, the day I learned how music can really move a person. Many songs have resonated inside me in my lifetime, and I believe that there are always a few perfect songs to match every occasion. I believe that music is important to God in praising Him.

I've been editing a lot. Lately, there have been a lot of lengthy nights that bleed into early mornings. And while my household sleeps on, I sit editing in Walden with pretty songs as my only company. There are usually candles involved. So without further introduction, this is the music on my playlist right now:

Open Your Eyes - Snow Patrol
Song For You - Jenny & Tyler
Nothing Like You and I -The Perishers may be my favorite love song. Yes, I just wrote that.
Sinking Friendships - Jonsi. Also, this song by him.
Copper Down - The Boy Who Trapped the Sun (my dear sister sent me this song because she thought I'd like it...I love it & her.)
The Funeral - Band of Horses
Oh My God - Jars of Clay. I could write pages about how this song has touched me at different times of my life. It's about how we all have 'encountered' God at some point in our life and it starts to get really intense around 4:20"Sometimes I cannot forgive, and these days mercy cuts so deep." If my book ever gets published, I would love for the last paragraph of this song to be on my first page.
Fast Fast - Let's Buy Happiness, just cause it makes me happy.

What's been your jam lately, readers? What songs resonate in your soul?
Next post: Walden :)


  1. Wow. Beautiful words, pictures, songs, everything. You are a talented girl :)

  2. you're right, you have some great ones here! i've never heard that jars of clay song before - so intense and lovely and powerful! :]

  3. Sarah-Anne: Thanks for the kind words and for checking out my blog!

    Caroline: It's one of my life's favorites. Your blog inspired a lot of my playlist :)