Monday, April 9, 2012

Books or Movies?

Tonight I'm heading out to the pre-screening of Hunger Games! I've been waiting forever- namely 8 months- and I'm anticipating a movie that does the book justice.
I tend to prefer the book version over the movie version in general (big surprise, right?) but every now and then I enjoy the movie more. What about you?

On a side-note, I'm going to be moving soon.
It's only for three months, but I'm still going to claim that word for myself.
Readers, I'm moving.
I like that word.
I like that it ends in 'ing' as if it's a present participle. As if it's a perpetual action.
I like perpetual action.
I will be traveling with my dad, and he'll be leaving alone. So will I, three months later. I'm trepidatious and excited and impatient to get moving.
Moving. I like that word. It's pretty darn adventurous.

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